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中心概況 | ABOUT US

    中原國際博覽中心位于河南省鄭州市鄭汴路與未來路交叉口東北角,地理位置優越,交通便利,西臨繁華的“二七”商圈,直通鄭州火車站,東接高速發展的鄭東新區,可快速抵達機場高速入口和鄭州高鐵東站,北聯鄭州CBD中央商務區,南通隴海快速路可達京港澳高速,是舉辦各類展覽活動的理想場所。 中心占地面積14萬平方米,室內展覽面積23000平方米,室外展覽廣場30000平方米。展館設施配套完善,有雙回路供電、中央空調、自動消防、程控、寬帶網電訊和成套會務服務系統。
    中原國際博覽中心自運營以來,已成功舉辦了“河南省國際投資貿易洽談會”、“鄭州全國商品交易會” 、“中國中西部經濟技術合作洽談會”以及全國性農業機械、醫療器械、制藥機械、農藥、建材、汽車、家電、家具、電動自行車、通訊器材、糖酒交易會、動漫、寵物、美食、服裝等數百次經貿文化展覽活動,伴隨國家“一帶一路”的重大戰略發展藍圖的實施,繼續為河南省經濟發展和鄭州市商貿城建設做出重要貢獻。


    Central China International Exhibition Center(CCIEC) is a large exhibition platform covering show venue rental, exhibition organization planning, booth design structures and supporting services for the exhibition activities. It belongs to Henan Province Development and Reform Commission, one of the top ten key basic projects during the Eighth Five-Year Plan of Henan province,  built and put into use in 1993.

    CCIEC is located in the northeast corner of Zhengbian Road and Weilai road intersection of Zhengzhou, Henan province. With its superior location and  convenient traffic, CCIEC is an ideal place to hold various exhibitions: To its west is prosperous "er qi" business center, leading to Zhengzhou railway station directly; To its east is Zhengzhou New East District with rapid development, you can quickly arrive at airport highway entrance and Zhengzhou East High-speed Railway station; To its north is Zhengzhou Central Business District(CBD); To its south is Longhai Expressway leading to Beijing-HongKong- Macao highway quickly.
    The Exhibition Center covers an area of 140,000 m2  with 23,000m2 of indoor exhibition area and 30,000m2 of outdoor exhibition area .The exhibition hall has complete and perfect facilities with double-loop power supply, central air-conditioning, automatic fire protection, SPC exchange, broadband telecommunications and complete set of meeting-service system.

    Since its operation, CCIEC has successfully hosted hundreds of trade and  culture exhibition activities, such as "Henan international investment and trade fair", "Zhengzhou national commodities fair", "China Midwest economic and  technological cooperation symposium " and nationwide exhibition activities on agricultural machinery, pesticide, building materials, automobile, household appliance, furniture, electric bicycle, communication equipment,  sugar and wine fair,  cartoon, pet, food and clothing. Following the nation’s major strategic blueprint of " one belt and one road ", CCIEC will continue to contribute to the economic development of Henan province and to the construction of Zhengzhou as a trade city.

展會回顧 | REVIEW

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